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Workers' compensation insurance protects your employees and your business from work-related accidents, illnesses, and even death.Workplace injuries happen even in the safest of work spaces. Even if your employee has health insurance, you are responsible for their medical costs if they suffer a job-related injury or illness. Employees are entitled to a percentage of the regular wages during the time they are unable to work due to their injury or illness. These costs are covered by workers' compensation insurance. If you don't have insurance, you will have to pay these costs out of pocket.

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Why do you need Workers' Comp Insurance?

Protecting your employees is critical in successfully operating your business, and workers' compensation not only protects your business from financial loss, but it is also required by law in most states if you have employees. It’s also crucial that you have coverage for your employees before an injury or illness so you are not held financially liable. Workers’ comp coverage typically only applies to events that occur after you purchase a policy.

If you are not in compliance with local laws, you could also face civil or criminal penalties.

Here are some specific circumstances that workers' comp insurance would cover:

Protect your employees if injured in the place of work.

Protect your employees from Illness and diseases in the place of work.

Protect your Business against financial ruins, legal issues facing employees injured Illness and diseases.

What does Workers' Comp Insurance cover?

A workers' comp insurance policy will cover the majority of injuries that arise from work-related duties, ranging from simple slip-and-fall accidents to repetitive motion injuries and even an illness or disease contracted at work.

Employee coverage will usually include the following:

Medical bills and rehabilitation costs

Includes doctor visits, hospital care, prescription medications, physical therapy, and other medical treatments.

Weekly payments in place of missed wages.

Workers’ comp helps replace some of your employee’s lost income if they need time off to recover from a work-related injury or illness.


Provides a partial replacement of income lost when workers are unable to work due to an on-the-job injury. The disability may be temporary or permanent, and partial or total.

Vocational Rehabilitation:

Enables workers who cannot return to their prior occupation to learn a new skill based on their current capabilities.

Death benefits.

Compensation for funeral costs and legal fees (if the family sues)

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Workers' compensation covers most work-related injuries—but not all. Workers' comp doesn't cover injuries that happen because an employee is intoxicated or using illegal drugs.

Coverage may also be denied in situations involving: self-inflicted injuries, while a worker was committing a serious crime, was not on the job, and when an employee's conduct violated company policy.

How much does Workers' Comp Insurance Cost?

Insurance costs vary widely based on individual rating factors, and every single insurance quote will generate a different premium. Bellow, you can find some of the things that commonly influence workers' comp insurance rates.

State requirements — State workers’ comp laws include specific coverage requirements that affect cost.

The Place of Work or Job Location — Workers’ comp costs vary depending on where your employees are located.

The Type of work they do — Jobs that present higher levels of risk result in higher workers’ comp costs. A low-risk office worker will cost less to insure than a roofer.

The number of employees and payroll — The bigger your staff, the more it can cost to provide coverage. Workers’ comp insurance helps replace some of your employees’ lost wages if they can’t work due to work-related injuries or illnesses.

Business Claims History — The business safety records it'll impact the workers' comp significantly.

The Coverages You Choose — Your insurance choices and coverage amounts, deductibles have a significant impact on how much you’ll pay.

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